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Welcome to Teacup Chinese, we’re glad you found us! Teacup Chinese is an exciting new platform aimed at cultivating an awesome community of Chinese language learners who are as passionate about this crazy language as we are.

So, what can you expect to find here? Well, quite a lot really. We continually put out new and exciting content to do with learning Chinese, travel in China and Chinese culture in the form of articles as well as YouTube videos. We also offer premium content such as resources (see below) and premium posts for all of our Patreon supporters. And finally, we’re working hard on developing a new community forum, where you’ll be able to interact with other learners of Chinese, share ideas and just have fun.

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Featured Articles:

Learning Chinese from Scratch

How to learn Chinese from scratch including vocabulary, characters, key techniques and resource suggestions.

How to Learn Chinese Vocabulary

Vocabulary is the most important part of any language, it serves as your foundation. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to learning Chinese vocabulary.

Mastering Chinese Characters

Chinese characters are arguably the hardest part of the language! Read our guide on the best methods for learning, remembering and reviewing Chinese characters.

What Exactly Do Patrons Get?

For just $5 a month become a Patron and support Teacup Chinese! As a thank you, you’ll get immediate access to our ever-growing resource library where you’ll be able to download PDF e-books, our custom KickStarter Anki deck and anything else we add in the future.

100+ page e-book

Our e-book ‘Learning Chinese in the Modern Era’ is a collection of our best advice, methods, and insights into learning and mastering the Chinese language.

Mandarin Chinese phrasebook

This carefully put together phrasebook will equip you with key words and phrases, ensuring you’re comfortable in multiple situations from ordering coffee to asking directions.

Custom Anki deck

This custom Anki deck is comprised of over 500 practical Chinese words and phrases from beginner to intermediate allowing you to kickstart your Chinese vocabulary learning!

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Featured YouTube Videos:

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