Master Chinese in 2020

This e-book serves as a guide to learning and mastering the Chinese language. Written from research and experience gathered over three years, this e-book is guaranteed to help you make serious progress in the language.

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About The Book

This e-book is the culmination of over three years of research into learning and mastering Mandarin Chinese. In the West, there exists this idea that Chinese is the most difficult language to learn and if you want to achieve fluency it’s going to take you 10 years. Well, that just isn’t true. You see, by implementing the right methods and using the right resources, anyone can achieve fluency in Mandarin within a reasonable amount of time.

Make no mistake, this is not a textbook. This is a guide, a road map if you will, to learning and mastering the Chinese language through consistent effort and self-study. This e-book is aimed at anyone who is serious about achieving proficiency in Chinese and is willing to put in the time to do so.

In this guide, we present the reader with practical tips, methods and resources for achieving proficiency in a relatively short space of time. This e-book is aimed at beginner and intermediate learners who are serious about improving their Chinese.

Constistent study, correct methods, appropriate resources and detailed goal setting is all it takes to achieve fluency in Mandarin Chinese.

What’s inside



Learn about the author of the book and his China journey. 


The Four Skills

Speaking, listening, reading and writing are the four core skills you’ll need to learn to master Chinese.


Hacking Hanzi

How to remember, read and write Chinese characters.


Mandarin Tones

How to learn the four tones and master Mandarin pronunciation.


The Blueprint

Goal setting, creating a study schedule, resource guide and the difference between beginner and intermediate learners.

Why Learn Mandarin – The Real Reasons

It’s more than just a language

Learning Mandarin Chinese will open up an entirely new world to you. Learning Mandarin is the gateway into a rich and ancient culture from which there is much to be gained.
Much can be learned about Chinese history through the study of Mandarin as well. Chinese history is long, rich and fascinating beyond words. The study of Chinese gives you the opportunity to learn so much more than just a language.

It’s a gateway to other Asian languages

You probably know by now that Chinese and Japanese share the same writing system – Chinese characters. In Japanese they are called ‘kanji’ while in Chinese they are called ‘hanzi’. Having the ability to read Chinese characters will give you a huge advantage when beginning your study of Japanese.
Korean also shares some similarities with Chinese, mainly with regards to vocabulary. Mandarin is also the perfect gateway into learning other, less spoken dialects of Chinese such as Cantonese, spoken in the South of China and Hong Kong, or Shanghainese spoken in Shanghai.

It increases your travel options

Have you always wanted to travel through China but were daunted at the prospect of not being able to buy a train ticket or book a hotel room? Learning just the basics of Mandarin will enable you to do all those things and more. It is a misconception that in certain parts of China people can’t speak Mandarin.

While Mandarin may not be every Chinese person’s native language (it is just one of the many dialects of Chinese), pretty much everyone is able to speak and understand it. It is not just in mainland China that people speak Mandarin. Taiwan and Singapore are also Mandarin speaking countries and Thailand, Malaysia as well as Indonesia all have a significant number of Chinese speakers.

It’s extremely rewarding

If you go to China you will see that almost nobody expects you to be able to speak their language. Knowing even a little bit of Chinese will blow people away and give you the opportunity to make new and interesting friends.
Chinese people often feel it is them who should be able to speak English and are shy to talk to Westerners if their English is not up to par. If you take it upon yourself to show people you’re putting effort into learning to speak their language, they will be very happy. No matter how good or bad you speak, you will undoubtedly be showered with compliments.

Chinese characters are beautiful

Chinese characters are interesting and beautiful to look at. The history and development of Chinese characters is also extremely fascinating. Chinese calligraphy is a revered art form in Asia and there are people who have studied for years to become master calligraphers. You may just find yourself absorbed in the art of handwriting these interesting symbols.

It opens your mind to new concepts

In Chinese there exists concepts which baffle a lot of people when they first start learning. For example, expressing meaning through the tone of a word as opposed to its sound or representing words as unique symbols as opposed to a combination of letters. Growing accustomed to these new concepts helps us to open our minds to new things that we wouldn’t have ever thought of before.



We purposely kept this e-book to no more than 100 or so pages. Although we could have written a lot more, we didn’t want to drown the reader in content and instead focused on practical tips and advice.


I always found Chinese characters really tough but this book explained them in a simple and concise way.

Philip Bryndum, Denmark

I had tried a range of Chinese courses for beginners before finally finding this e-book. It gave me the perfect road map to learning this challenging language.

Azhar Bari, UK

What a wonderful e-book with practical tips for Mandarin beginners. Casey has done a great job.

Charlotte Schell, Unfamiliar China

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(only $11.99 for a limited time)


About the author

Hey, I’m Casey and I’m the author of this e-book (and founder of Teacup Chinese!).

I spent three years living and working in China and during that time I was amazed at how many foreigners there could speak Chinese so fluently. It even turned out that many of them had been there for only 6 months or a year!

It was clear that while some people struggled with the language, others learned to speak it fluently in no time at all. I decided to find out why this was and after three years of research and studying Chinese myself, I decided to write this e-book.

This e-book is written for you, the learner. It is my aim to help those who are determined to achieve a high level in Chinese but feel overwhelmed or stuck. This e-book is for you. You can do this.

Casey Ryan

GET it now

(only $11.99 for a limited time)

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