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How to Learn a Language: The Power of Overlearning

How to learn Chinese through overlearning. This is a powerful process for rapidly improving your language skills…

China Successfully Contains Coronavirus, New Cases Drop

New cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in China have begun to drop, with Hubei recording just 8 new cases…

Most Important Languages to Learn in 2020 – Full Guide

Are you interested to find out what the most important languages to learn are for 2020? Read on…

Best Online TEFL Certification for Teaching English 2020

Wondering what the best online TEFL Certification course is for teaching English abroad? We got you covered…

Chinese Turn to Live Streaming to Cure Coronavirus Boredom

Being stuck at home due to coronavirus quarantines has caused many to watch live streams as a way to stay entertained…

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Life in Beijing and Why You Should Move There

Life in Beijing and Why You Should Move There

Everyone has a slightly different view on life in Beijing and I can’t guarantee your experience there will be anything like mine, but I can say one thing with absolute certainty. If you spend enough time living in Beijing, you will be a different person by the time...



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Coronavirus Latest

China Successfully Contains Coronavirus, New Cases Drop

China Successfully Contains Coronavirus, New Cases Drop

(Photo: Nikkei) The novel coronavirus, or 'COVID-19', has officially been characterised as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. Although the virus is spreading rapidly outside of China, the number of new cases within China has begun to decline. China has...

Chinese Turn to Live Streaming to Cure Coronavirus Boredom

Chinese Turn to Live Streaming to Cure Coronavirus Boredom

It's no secret by now that the coronavirus outbreak has caused havoc in China. The entire city of Wuhan (the epicenter of the outbreak) is in lockdown and virtually every other city/province in China has implemented certain restrictions in an attempt to control the...

Coronavirus Spells Disaster for China’s Economy

Coronavirus Spells Disaster for China’s Economy

The coronavirus (now officially called 'COVID-19') outbreak in China has caused massive disruption to both the daily lives of the people as well as the country's economy. The coronavirus, which began in Wuhan, a city in China's Hubei province, has now infected more...

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